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M2 - Project coordinators meeting in Antwerp, Belgium – May 2018

Participants: One teacher and project coordinator.
Aim: To evaluate the second year of the project and to prepare for the final event ( short term exchange of groups of pupils) in Croatia in October 2018.


Wednesday, May 23

9.00 Coordinators meeting
   - Preparing for final evaluation ( the first and second year). Evaluation questionnaire for
      teachers involved in project activities.
   - Responsibilities of each partner in the project. Evaluation of the participation and achieved
11.30 Educational activity (rock and water)
13.30-15.00 Red Star Line Museum

Thursday, May 24
9.00 Coordinators meeting
    - Preparing for the next activity- Activity 7. Reporting on progress of Activity 6 at schools.
       Result of Activity 5.
    - Discussing dissemination of the products and results.
    - Inviting new members on eTwinning to join NAIS.
13.00 Department games (implementation of the games of A3)

Friday, May 26
9.00 Coordinators meeting
    - Project web page (description of project activities, result of A5) and school websites.
    - Planning the exchange of students (C4).
    - Final meeting in October in Bucharest.
    - Evaluation of the meeting.
14.00 ‘’Diva ’’ museum

Saturday, May 27
    - Individual programme

M1 - (7 days) Antwerp Belgia – November/December 2016

Participants: One teacher and project coordinator.

   Analysing the results of the questionaire on "Equity and inclusion" (A1) and conclusions regarding inclusion in each partner school.
   Participants take part in workshops and presentations in order to gain and transmit experiences and good practices.

Day 1 Arrival of participants

Day 2
– Introduction to the school and the Flemish school system, St.-Jozefinst. integration
              and inclusion in a multi cultural district in Antwerp - Meeting of project coordinators,
              results of the survey.

Day 3 – Smell, see, feel the school from playground to class (general courses)

Day 4 - Presentations and workshops given by specialisten: Roma en LGBT (training staff
             external school partners).

Day 5 – Introducing external school support (psychologists)
           - School diversity in religions  (theologist)
           - 1st line handeling pupils with behavioral problems (education pedagoge)
           - Homework support and parent participation
           - Visit to an OKAN-school

Day 6 – preparing activities A2 and A3 - Evaluation of activity, preparing short term exchange
              of pupils (coordinators meeting)- Smell, see, feel the school from playground to
              class (practical workshops)

Day 7 Departure of participants
  -  AGENDA Antwerp meeting 2016
Presentations - Antwerpen:

- Geert v. Kerkhoven: Organisation of the Flemish schoolsysteem and the Schoolgroupe CKSA
- Sabine Anné: Organisation of a hipper diverse schoolpopulation
- Sam Smit: "Kliq" (NGO) gender issues in modern society

- Kay Poelman: Gender norms and sexual diversity in heteronormative school environment (pdf)
- Franky Huysmans: Living among saracens/muslims (pdf)
- Hanne De Deyne: Time-out - How to Encourage Students to Change Their Behavior? (pdf)
- Stefanie Maras: CLB Pupil Guidance Centre (pdf)
- Thijs V. Schoonlandt: teacher with special after school tasks (pdf)



Antwerp - 26.11.-3.12.2016. (Google)

Tukums - 22.-29. 04.2107. (Google)

Tukums - 7.-14.10.2017. (Google)