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Activities C 2

 - Recommendations C2 (pdf)

 - Program Staf Training C2 (pdf)
 - Romanian Newspaper (web)

Activities A 3

 - Zadarski list (Zadar News)(pdf)
 - Pliant NAIS 2017 (pdf)
 - Pliant NAIS 2017-1 (pdf)

Activities A 2

 • Romania: Good practice in
    career guidance

 • Latvia: Extracurricular Activities
 • Belgium: Support team/people/
   organizations that help pupils
   with special educational needs

 • Croatia: Integration of students
   with disabilities/teaching to
   students with various disorders

Activities A 1

 - PPT presentations (Antwerp)

Tukums Report: October 9 - 14, 2017 (Romanian impressions)

  Activity C2 ”Learning/teaching/training activity” in the strategic partnership: Impressions of Romanian's teachers about meeting in Tukuma Vakara un Neklatienes Vidusskola, Latvia.

Tukums Report: April 22 - 29, 2017 (Belgium impressions)

  Activity C1 ”Short term exchange of group of pupils” in the strategic partnership: Impressions of Antwerpen's students about meeting in Tukuma Vakara un Neklatienes Vidusskola, Latvia.

Antwerp: November 27-28, 2016

We heard some very interesting and applicable lessons:
   "The 'Gender lecture' will be given to the complete teachers population of St.-Jozefinstituut during a pedagogical educational seminar at school by Kaj Poelman of Cavaria."
   CLB, Parent & homework, Time out, Religion, Gender diversity.

Antwerp: November 26 - December 3, 2016 (Zadar impressions)

  The first transnational meeting of all schools within the NAIS was held in Antwerp from 26 November 26 to December 3, 2016: "Belgium, Antwerp, and especially the hosts, will long remain in our memories."






Antwerp - 26.11.-3.12.2016. (Google)

Tukums - 22.-29. 04.2107. (Google)

Tukums - 7.-14.10.2017. (Google)



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