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C4: Zadar, Croatia, October 6-13, 2018


  October 06
Arrival (Latvia, Romania, Belgium)

October 07
Welcoming meeting in School and Ice breakers
Educational tour to Zadar
Coordinator's meeting

October 08
Educational trip to National Park Kornati

October 09
Differentiations, diversity and multicultural education in the classroom.
Giving individual support and better knowledge.
Visit to the Agricultural, Food and Veterinary School Stanka Ožanića
Lectures of specialists for working with children with special needs from various institutions
Students p'laying educational games in the City
Coordinator's meeting - dissemination of the results and outcomes

October 10
Preparing students for the labor market and society.
Students "NAIS Exhibition" in City Lodge and preparation of the– preparations for exhibition
Visites Zadar County Hall and Zadar City Hall
Coordinator's meeting - final report

October 11
Visit of the Primary School Voštarnica (county school for students with special needs)
Students p'laying educational games (Rock and Water)
Educational tour to Nin

October 12
Creating students memories in the NAIS project - Students production and painting of benches in national colors
Evaluation and feedback
Coordinator's meeting - final report
Goodbye dinner

October 13
Departure (Latvia, Romania, Belgium)

C1: Tukums, Latvia, April 22-30, 2017


  April 22
Arrival (Belgium and Croatia)

April 23
Educational trip to Riga
Arrival (Romania)

April 24
Welcoming meeting and workshops (art)
Project coordinators meeting
Educational trip to Jaunpils Castle
Welcoming dinner

April 25
Presentation about Latvia
Activity 3 games and activities (bingo, NAIS friendship necklace, simple language phrases and a game (photos and names)
Evaluation of the activities (students and teachers)
School visit to Tume Secondary School (introduction into extracurricular classes)
Educational trip to Pure Chocolate museum
Dinner and party at school

April 26
Presentation about Latvian food
Activity 3 games and activities (2 truths and 1 lie, tropical rain, game (pictures, countries, images and information), a guided line)
Evaluation of the activities (students and teachers)
Walking tour-Tukums Photo Hunt

April 27
Educational trip to Kaltene, Kolka and Kuldīga

April 28
Presentation about Latvian traditions and celebrations
Activity 3 games and activities (recognition game, desert island, balloon battle and NAIS puzzle)
Evaluation of the activities (students and teachers)
Educational trip to Ķemeri National Park
Goodbye dinner and bowling

April 29
Educational trip to Riga
Departure (Croatia and Belgium)

April 30
Departure (Romania)



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