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M1 - (3 days) Antwerp Belgia – November/December 2016

Participants: One teacher and project coordinator.

Aim: analysing the results of the questionaire on "Equity and inclusion" (A1) and conclusions regarding inclusion in each partner school. Participants take part in workshops and presentations in order to gain and transmit experiences and good practices.

Day 1 – Meeting of project coordinators - specificity of the Belgian school, integration and inclusion, results of the survey.

Day 2 – Presentations and workshops given by specialists (councellors, psychologists, theologist), NGO's, Associations

- preparing activities A2 and A3

Day 3 - Evaluation of activity, preparing short term exchange of pupils.


Presentations - Antwerpen:

 - Franky Huysmans: Living among saracens/muslims (pdf)
 - Hanne De Deyne: Time-out - How to Encourage Students to Change Their Behavior? (pdf)
 - Stefanie Maras: CLB Pupil Guidance Centre (pdf)
 - Kay Poelman: Gender norms and sexual diversity in heteronormative school environment (pdf)





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