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NAIS - Erasmus + project started in Antwerp

   Secondary Medical school Ante Kuzmanić Zadar continues its active participation in the projects of the European Union. After completion of the project within the Comenius, now a partner in a new project Erasmus +, the largest EU program for education, training, youth and sport. It is the Erasmus + K2 project of strategic partnership between various European schools, which will be implemented from 2016 to 2018, with the participation of partners from the Secondary School of Tukums in Latvia, Sint-Jozefinstituut Buso from Antwerp in Belgium and the Lyceum of technology Arad in Romania.

   The theme of this project is to present examples of good practices of students who come from a variety of vulnerable areas (migrants, minorities, religions), and students with special needs into the regular educational process (NAIS - New Angles of good practices on Inclusion for all Students).

   The first transnational meeting of all schools within the NAIS was held in Antwerp in Belgia, from 26 November to 3 December 2016, and as representatives of Team Medical School Ante Kuzmanić, attended by project coordinator professor Edin Kadić and professor Ante Ražnjević.

   The old Latin says that the road to stardom thorny. It was in a similar vein and began our journey. After several delays of the year, we have successfully left the Zagreb Airport and headed for Munich where we switched buses for Brussels. To the destination we were still separated the shorter run, extremely pleasant, the Belgian rail.

  Right on time, arrived in Antwerp, we were greeted by friendly hosts and Catlyn & Poll. The same evening we met with other project participants and the rest of the time spent in learning about and having fun. Sunday was intended for tourist visits Antwerp. We were lucky because our host Pollu was contained everything we needed- travel guide cycling route called "Beer route".
Beautiful day concluded with a joint dinner.

   Monday was the first working day. The program consisted of a visit to Sint-Jozefinstituut Buso school and get acquainted with the technical and structural aspects of their work. After the gathering, in school we were greeted by the other participants Belgian team, among other things, the school director and the director of the regional sector of secondary education. There was a tour of the school accompanied by explanations and introductions with the specifics of the work and the organization of teaching.

   After the "snacks", which we have prepared students (prof. Kadić was extremely enthusiastic about (the project coordinators from all schools held a first meeting. They analyzed the results achieved so far in Activities 1, and the opinion polls carried out in the schools partners.
   Other participants are divided by grade and everyone spent the two lessons in one of the class. In this way we are directly involved and familiar with the specifics of work in this school. Otherwise, the host school Sint-Jozefinstituut Buso, attending 240 students who are members of 42 different nationalities, as well as all major world religions. Most students representing immigrants of their home countries that, through this school, to integrate into the system, educate and integrate into society. The main aim of the School is to socialize the students and give them the basic skills through five different departments/directions: hairdressing, drvodjeljskog, metallurgical, the department in which students improve skills cleaner/housekeeper and the department of graphic design/printing. Alongside these, the school also has a special department pedagogues and Sociologist in charge of caring about students behavior problems ( "Time Out"). The rest of the week passed in the same tone of the work. Every morning (at 9.00 pm) began with themed lectures, workshops and visits to similar educational institutions or institutions that are directly related to the education of students from these social groups. So we visited the Atlas, an institution for the integration of Roma, or the school in which children come migrants in one year must master the Flemish language and then just go on the regular education system. Breaking the working dynamics hosts are successfully realized every afternoon! The hosts took us to visit the many sights rich in Belgian history. We toured the Cathedral of Our Lady with pictures of Peter Paul Rubens, countless churches and monasteries of the city, modern museums like the beautiful Mass, or the Museum of Contemporary Art in the open. We met Culture of Antwerp, its colorful neighborhoods, but also a complete Belgian culture and way of life. It is not necessary to point out that the week went faster than we had hoped. Games completed a joint dinner, compliments and plans for the next meeting. The hosts will be our colleagues from Latvia.
   In Saturday's afternoon hours we returned to the starting point.

   Belgium, Antwerp, and especially the hosts, will long remain in our memories. For the first working meeting of the "bar is set high." By the final meeting in Zadar will undergo two years. Hopefully, enough time, in order to more efficiently and better justify the expectations of the other participants.

Prof. Ante Reznjevic          
Secondary Medical School Zadar CRO