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M2 - Transnational Project Meetings,  (Antwerp, Belgium  ~  May 22 – 26,  2018)

   From May 22 to May 26 in Antwerp, the penultimate working meeting was held for the participants of the “Nais” (New Angles of good practice on Inclusion for all Students) Erasmus+ project. Our representatives, teachers
Edin Kadić and Ante Ražnjević, readily headed off to Belgium while bearing in mind that they will have to organize the final meeting in Zadar.
   Since the project is nearing the finish line, the goal of this meeting was to analyze and evaluate the second year of the project and to arrange the final meeting that will be held in Zadar in October 2018.

   The first of the three days was meant for the analysis of the past two years of the project. All the participants (Belgium, Latvia, Romania, Croatia) have, during that time, completed various tasks and fulfilled obligations, the results of which will be presented at the final meeting.
   It was concluded that all the partners have done an excellent job and have completed all the tasks that were established and envisaged by the project plan. Also, the booklet in which we will present the examples of good practice of the inclusion of all students into the educational processes of our partner schools in the past two years was analysed.
   The first half of our second day of the stay was reserved for the visit to institutions that take care and educate children with special needs. We visited the “Rainbow” centre that has been active for almost 20 years and has been successfully working in the inclusion of that population of children into the activities of everyday life.
   For the rest of the day, we were busy with the assessment and evaluation of the accomplished tasks, with special emphasis being on the plans and stages of the project that were listed in the application, and their realizations. All content that was published on the webpages of the NAIS project was taken into consideration and some alterations and necessary additions were made. There was a lot of discussion about the involvement of all the partners and teachers regarding the use od the Twinning platform in the realization of the project.

   The last day of the meeting was devoted to organisation and planning of the final meeting that will take place in Zadar. Not only will that be the longest meeting, but also students will, alongside teachers, take part in it. They will be introduced with the specificities of our system, the way we work with students, but also the beauties of our region.

   During their stay, the International Day of Inclusion will be commemorated and the public will get familiarized with the theme and the realization of the project.

   We are only four months away from the next meeting, which will also be the final one. As the hosts of the largest number of participants, both students and teachers, we have to use that time to do our best in order to bring to a successful ending one of the most demanding projects that our school has taken part in, and our guests showed part of the beauty of Zadar and Croatia.